Seattle-born Arab American indie artist Yusif delivers heartfelt folk rock with a retro vibe. With vocals that sound like Cat Stevens married Bob Dylan, and songwriting inspired by John Lennon and Stevie Wonder, Yusif was born to a Kuwaiti father and an American mother. A refugee of the Persian Gulf War as a child in 1990, the indie folk singer songwriter splits his time between east and west. Serving up indie ear candy with a healthy dose of 70s folk rock, Yusif is Retro Indie Folk Rock.
“Written from the viewpoint of someone actually affected by war.” – Huffington Post
“An instantly engaging and ecstatic debut album with compelling songs.” – Blurt
    An active YouTuber, Yusif released his first album in 2011 and toured the USA several times from 2011 to 2016, garnering features in HuffPost and Blurt. With over 300 performances in 37 states, Yusif has performed everywhere from bars, clubs, and casinos to hurricane parties, backyard barbecues, and hoedowns. The live show is a mixture of indie folk classics and alternative pop originals, peppered with live looping, guitar solos, and funny stories of his triumphs and travails on the road and beyond.


    Phone (USA): (541) 603-1944 (NO texts)
    Phone (Kuwait): (+965) 5113-2431
    E-mail: yusif@yusifmusic.com

    Yusif is available for live performances & music production services
    Yusif relocated to Kuwait in 2016 where he lives with his wife and young son. He recently built a recording studio to share his love of music with the world. In 2019, after years of not recording, he started producing music and videos again on a daily basis, at a breakneck pace. He launched his YouTube channel in March, 2020.